Professional Property Stager Realtor Consultant Certification

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

The Professional Property Stager Realtor Consultant Certification combines the first two levels of the Professional Property Stager Expert Certification.
Level I, the Professional Property Stager© (PPS© ) – Novice Certification & Level II, PPS© Consultant Certification.
PART ONE (PPS Novice) of the PPS Realtor Certification focuses on the Property Staging component of your Real Estate business. You will learn, in depth, the fundamentals of Property Staging from floor to ceiling. Staging design elements including color, texture, and the study of current market and property trends. In class, your instructor will provide scenarios for each space in a home and you will be given the opportunity to engage in solutions and recommendations for these spaces. Your instructor will guide you through the staging process and staging techniques that will show your sellers your ability to reclaim lost equity and create marketable configurations. With the tools and training provided in this program you will be recognized as a qualified professional.
PART TWO (PPS© Consultant) focuses on putting that knowledge to work for you in order to powerfully help homeowners sell their home faster and/or for more money. The PPS© Consultant Certification portion of the program converges on the Limited Service Plan (LSP©), a proven PPS© tool that has helped sell millions of dollars in real estate every year since 2000. The LSP© is a Consultation service that Certified Professional Property Stagers© provide clients that want to “get down and dirty” and do the work themselves. This however, is only possible with the aid of your Property Staging expertise, your client handling skills and the detailed LSP© Consultation Report. With your guidance, resources and skillfulness, you will share great success with your sellers in getting their home showcase ready. Lastly, you will learn service rates that Property Stagers charge, what those fees include and what discounts you can expect. This is helpful when personally providing the service to your sellers as you will be able to share with them the costs associated and the value you are bringing to your seller whether you hire a property stager or provide the service yourself as a Certified Professional Property Stager Realtor Consultant. After completion of this certification, you will have the confidence to help sellers sell their homes faster and smarter.
  • History of Professional Property Staging.
  • Professional Property Staging Fundamentals.
  • Understanding Property Staging formulas and processes.
  • In depth knowledge of staging components, lighting, windows and treatments, space, color, texture, design elements.
  • Effective market trends and other key principles to staging.
  • Floor to ceiling steps to Staging properties.
  • Room Analysis, Diagnosis and Configuration.
  • The LSP© Consultation process 1st Visit.
  • The LSP© Consultation process 2nd Visit.
  • Detailed Report Writing and getting results with your sellers
  • Instructor led classroom training.
  • Room analysis & report writing discussion session.
  • PPS Realtor Consultant Handbook
  • PPS© Consultation forms with your personalized branding and company logo.
  • PPS© Client aftermarket kit with your personalized branding and company logo.  PPS© Client/Seller Presentation Visual aids with your personalized branding and company logo.
  • PPS© Website Presence
  • Industry partner discounts
  • PPS© Consultant Certificate

EXAMINATION: The exam is online, students must score 70% or higher to receive their certification and tools.

TIME: 9:00 – 4:30 (6 Hour CEU credit) Arrive at 8:30 to register. Realtor Course Fee: $129 ($835 Value)

RSVP directly with Connie Nedergaard, Founder of the Professional Property Stagers Online Campus©

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