Ethics (Core Class)

Thursday, November 10, 2016 9:00am - 12:15pm

Class: Ethics (Core Class)

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November 10, 2016

Time: 9:00am-12:15pm

CEU: 3

Instructor: Rob Holman

The Real Estate Ethics course will feature a different approach to teaching and learning about the important role of ethics in our lives.  The course will cover some non-traditional origins for professional ethics in both the real estate industry and beyond, including how the public perceives us and what we can do to use that perception to become better realtors and better people.  The first hour covers comparisons between the real estate industry and other professions on the subject of morality, ethics and the law.  The second hour discovers the origins of basic professional ethics; the why, when and how.  The final hour discusses the public perception issue and what real estate professionals need to know to help make your customer/client experience a positive one.

Sponsor: Kathy Longo  Emerald Glen

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