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A little Motivation:

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

By Marilou Butcher Roth
What a great quote, and so true! Today I want to address motivation, particularly self motivation. Each of us have experienced the feeling of being motivated from time to time. For example, currently we are working on painting a few of the rooms in our house and my motivation level is extremely high, wanting to complete and have it look just right. Historically, this type of motivation does not last for me.
So, how do we get motivated? What gets our creative juices flowing? And, more importantly, how do we keep that feeling? There are countless ways to access this — bottom line, you have to have the DESIRE! Yes, you need to want to propel yourself in a chosen direction. When that happens, you will acquire all of the energy you need, more than you thought possible! Energy levels increase in direct correlation to your motivation.
What about listening to a motivational speaker, or attending a workshop? Can that work? Yes, of course it can, and think back to one of those experiences where you have left an event feeling totally pumped up. And then, back into your life you go!  Oh, sometimes it lasts for a few days, or even longer, however, to achieve true longevity, you must WANT to do whatever it is you had been inspired to do. Think of the speaker or workshop as a jump start — now you are in charge of what happens next.
So, what we are looking for is more of the internal motivation as opposed to the external. Motivation and inspiration create optimism and statistically, optimistic people earn more money and live longer lives. Internal motivation stems from getting clear on what we want from our lives and what direction we commit to. Learning your authentic “yes’s” and “no’s” and being willing to act on those. Completing anything hanging out there that is zapping your energy — this might be around clutter or it might be feelings you need to convey to someone. Cleaning all of this up will allow more inspired thoughts to come in.
Realize that nothing is more important than you feeling good! Let go of those old ideas of “I will be happy when __________”, or “he/she needs to behave in a certain way for me to feel good.” Rubbish, all of it! Findyour happiness and you will discover all of the motivation and inspiration you seek!
Are you inspired?