Cancelled – Hands-on GIS Demo from Lake County Auditor

Thursday, February 26, 2015 10AM - 12PM

Instructor:  Scott Yamamoto, Chief Appriaser, Lake County Auditor’s Office

Sponsor:  Janet Wetzel, First American Title

CEU:  None – Information Only

Please make sure to bring your Laptop or Tablet to this class

Class Outline:

I.                    Auditor’s Office Functions Related to Realty Sales

a)      Internet records and discrepancies

1)      Reading the online record

2)      Measuring standards

3)      Interpreting the data

4)      How to request record corrections

II.                  Online GIS Summary

a)      How to map property

b)      Data Labels & features

1)      Flood Maps

2)      Topo Maps

3)      Addresses/Parcel numbers/owner name/acreage

c)       Custom mapping

1)      Selecting multiple parcels to be outlined

2)      Labels & overlays

d)      Aerial photos

e)      Measuring things using tools

f)       Archive tax maps & surveys

III.                Open Forum for questions and online demonstrations

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